Friday, May 01, 2009
Craft Challenge
In the spirit of being ALL THE FUCK OVER THE PLACE on this blog, I have a challenge for y'all.

I have old wooden spools. 17 of them in various sizes. They were my grandmother's. I just can't seem to get rid of them despite my willingness to get rid of just about everything else, and I'd love to make something fun with them.

  • I'd rather not cover the advertising up as that makes them so special.
  • Project can include drilling and other power tools as I am very into my power tools.
  • Project must be something useful as well as decorative.

Submit your ideas by Friday, May 8th.

The winner (which I will pick based on my random tastes), will receive a yarn-a-licious gift. Mmmm. Yarny goodness.


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Blogger æ said...

could they be the pegs/arms in the wall that hold up bookshelfs?

I love this btw.


Blogger Kath said...

Ummm...okay, I might have better ideas if I saw them, but I remember seeing a lamphade made from old wooden spoons, they were attached side by side to the metal frame of the shade.

But the idea I really like is to make a dishcloth or washcloth drying rack. You could do it either ladder-style, with a solid piece on either side and the spoons as the rungs of the ladder. Or they could be just attached at one end and swivel. Maybe you could drill a hole through the tip of each handle, and run a metal dowel through each one, separated my some sort of spacer (large wooden bead? wine cork?), and then mount the whole thing to a solid plate and hang on the wall? Okay - that's my best effort!

Blogger betty said...

Question: what is the size range of these spools?

Blogger Faith said...

OK - I've posted a photo - btw Kath - they're spooLs not spooNs! Hee hee.

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hat Rack. Scarf Rack. Whatever Rack.

The spools can be attached to a backing board (with a festive paint job of course) as hat rack pegs.
When the pegs are not in use, you will see the labels on the spools. I might somehow seal the labels to the wood....glue and varnish?

Another idea for the backing 'bout using some other fiber related advertising or California orange crate label? Decoupage?

Blogger Kath said...

Oh I am a dork! Can I plead insomnia though? Sheesh...

Blogger æ said...

the picture helps.

they're awesome!

Blogger Jessica said...

My first thought was to stack them perpendicular to each other and support them to turn them into a base for a lamp, but if they're too small maybe put a decoupaged tray on top for a coffeetable tray instead? Wire them together and turn them into a bookend? They look to be different sizes, but maybe somehow turn them into the back of a clock?

Blogger Unknown said...

You could turn them into fan or light pulls. You could tread them onto the chain pull of a ceiling fan or lamp.

Or take a square of cloth, and sting the spools from the four corners, and use it as the liner of a basket or hamper?

Wine bottle stopper toppers?

Drawer pulls?

Put them all in a decorative vase or jar and use it as a bookend? (Thats realistically what I would probably do.)

Blogger molly said...

Oh, a peg board for sure, to hold necklaces or ribbons or skiens of yarn. You could even cut the larger ones in half and attach them with bottom and top facing out, so you could see both sides of their beautiful vintage labels, and get twice as many pegs. Big plus - you would have to use at least a power drill / power screwdriver to attach all the spools to a board. I'd go really wide and narrow, space the spools out a fair bit to really show them off - like this:
[ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ]

Blogger Terri said...

Menorah, either Hannukah or Shabbos.

Attach them to a base (power tools VERY helpful here), and clear lacquer the whole thing. The grocery store "Jewish" candles should fit like a glove.

Blogger Natalie said...

mushroom pincushions!
17 mushroom pincushions all in a ring. The sewing faeries will dance and sing and play.

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