Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Prop 8. What it's really about.
The California Supreme Court, one year ago, affirmed the right of same sex couples to marry. We already know that our Supreme Court believes that this right is ours. I want to remind people of this before we get into gear for protests if need be. It's important that we always know who we're angry with and why we're angry. Barking at cars is not effective in advancing our political and personal agendas.

Today's decision is not about the right to marry technically - and in this case, technically is all that really matters.

Technically, this decision is about whether or not Proposition 8 on November's ballot was constitutional. Whether it was a revision or an amendment. If it was a revision, then the referendum process is not sufficient. This decision isn't about same sex marriage but about the referendum/initiative process in California - even though it is deciding the fates of millions of California couples.

Arguments made on both sides were not about whether marriage should be allowed but whether the people of the state of California get to decide on certain rights and how that should work -- whether by legislation or by referendum.

We'll know in about 2 hours what the Supreme Court decides. I hope people remain non-violent if the court does not decide to overturn the amendment. While anger is important and useful, violence never is.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except, doesn't the Court's decision that Prop 8 isn't a revision--even though it blatantly *contradicts* the California Constitution as the Court previously used it to find gay marriage legal--reveal its wanton disregard for gay people's equal protection under the law?

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