Monday, February 26, 2007
Happy birthday Elizabeth Taylor

Dear Ms. Taylor,

Happy 75th birthday! Thank you for all of your work in raising awareness of HIV disease and raising funds for care and research.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was the first celebrity to make noise about the HIV epidemic months before Rock Hudson died 21 years ago. For this alone, she should be commended, however, she continued to press on. She did not get bored or complacent like SO MANY other celebrities. Celebrities that are either doing it to enhance their image or doing it because they care so much for "the people with the AIDS" but then they hear that PETA is having a protest and, well, they get distracted...

Dame Taylor continues, to this day to be a steadfast advocate in the fight against HIV disease and raising funds for research and care for people living with HIV.

Elizabeth Taylor has been working with amFAR and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for 21 years because she is angry. She is angry at the ignorance of policymakers and she has no trouble saying so. She is annoyed at the lack of sex education in schools, she is livid that injection drug users do not have access to clean needles. She is steadfast in her support and I salute her.

Thank you Elizabeth and Happy 75th!!!


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