Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The other day I was being all vain and looking for sites that linked to “That is so Queer”. One of the "internets tubes" took me to a Portuguese trans blog. The author of this blog copied one of my entire posts and reposted it, with credit, on her site. I am honored. Our trans sisters and brothers are, as a huge understatement, viciously maligned.

Trans-peeps are what they are. As I am what I am. What I am is not altogether certain, but the fact of the matter is that they are FAR FAR more certain about their identities than I am.

They are so certain they risk their lives and livelihoods to be what they are.

Kids grow up with all kinds of messages about where they fit in. A lot of that has to do with gender. The standard toys, job opportunities, role as mother/wife. I was confused enough as a kid. I cannot imagine the kind of drama that would have ensued had I been in a little girl’s body and knew, deep down in my heart, that I was a little boy. How incredibly frightening to tell one’s parents, one’s friends, one’s colleagues that when you see me next, I will be different in a way that is so notably obvious.

How great the fear of being alone in this world that transgendered women and men deny what they know, live closeted, secretive, false lives and attempt suicide in numbers from over 30% (Health Soc Work. 2005 Feb;30(1):19-26; J Homosex. 2006;51(3):53-69.) to over 50% estimated by some social service organizations.

Transgendered people are discriminated against in jobs, housing, healthcare, and in every other way you can think of. Imagine going into a bank and changing your name from Herman to Lily or from Annette to Frank. Will you be surprised if the bank representative can’t help you because you don’t have enough forms of proof, despite being told on the phone that you do? Will you be surprised when you hear snickering on the way out?

Transphobia is all too common in the queer communities as well.

I was shocked (shocked I tell you!) when at the precious (not to mention precocious) age of 20, first hearing about the Michigan Women’s Music festival (yes, I know they spell it with a “y” but I don’t, and won’t), that only “women-born-women” were allowed. Before I even knew what kind of queer I was, I knew I wasn’t going to be attending that event.

It’s not a phase, ladies! Heard that anywhere else? It’s not like she’s going to suddenly, in her sleep, in the tent next to yours, morph into a man with nothing but patriarchy and rape on his mind! Like anyone would go camp in the woods of Michigan in a tent, eat organic vegetarian meals for 5 days and listen to the musical stylings of Lez Zeppelin and Melissa Ferrick to be a man? No, she wants to be there because she wants to be there. Period. With or without one.

I am thrilled to report that as of last year’s festival (2006), they are now accepting trans-dollars and trans-chicks are welcomed! I’m still not going, but, “Way to go and it’s about damn time!”

Gay men seem to have a bit of the same issue. Sadly, the LeatherSIR/Leatherboy competition only accepts “born males” into their contest. I wonder what the problem is here? Is it that someone’s penis is too small or is it the fear that a transguy will act “girly”? Or is it something else I cannot comprehend?

I could not find one leather organization that excludes the participation of transmen. So why include this in the rules?

I’m certainly not saying that all or even most gay men or lesbians are transphobic, I’m just sayin’, check yourself. Are we doing to them what has been done to us? Is our acceptance so fragile (or even so sure) that “we” are afraid that “they” will “ruin” the little speck that “we” “have”? ((I do love me some quotation marks!)) Is there something about the fluidity of gender that makes people dismiss others? Or is it sheer stubborn ignorance, as NBA player Tim Hardaway illustrates in an interview at ESPN.com with a childhood friend who happens to be a reporter (explaining why he said he “hates gays”):

“I still don't accept their lifestyle. No. I don't want to … try to find some type of understanding of why they live the way they live or why they are the way they are. But as a person, my beliefs are my beliefs. I don't have to condone it and I don't have to be around it. You can curse me out in the streets and in the papers. As long as they don't put their hands on me.”

Here are a few more references, just in case you were curious.

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Blogger crazyauntpurl said...

You know, you always make me think and that is a good thing! But I also love that you are just cool enough to put actual footnotes on your website, you rock!!! I prefer to just make up my facts LOL.

Blogger Brad said...

When I had only been working at my current job for a month or two, we had several trans speakers come in to speak to us about trans issues and sensitivity. I consider myself pretty far above average for a straight guy when it comes to LGBT issues, but I was surprised at how much of the very basic stuff I didn't know.

I think it's worth noting that the suicide rate isn't the only thing around 50% in the trans community; the HIV rate is also around 50% (in M to F transsexuals, specifically). It's a good illustration of the direct correlation between HIV rate and the marginalization of a given social group.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I think what is at work here (and this may be oversimplifying it way more than necessary, but that's what I have to do to understand heady stuff like this) is the fact that every group needs an "out" group. Like, if I'm gay, at least I'm not a tranny. If I'm fat, at least I'm not a smoker. If I'm female, at least I'm not on welfare. Whatever. It doesn't have to make sense, as long as the mentality of the group is such that there is always another (sub? separate?) group that is worse off.
It dumbfounds me (of course, that doesn't take much), but I see a lot of this in ethnic minority group factions.

Blogger Faith said...

CAP - I LOVE FOOTNOTES!!!! In fact, someday I want Reference Manager (a totally geeky software) just for fun.

Brad - too true.

MG - You are right. And it sucks. I don't know why someone always has to be the burnt offering. Don't we realize yet that "united we stand"?

Blogger Uccellina said...

So, how 'bout that Jimmy Kimmel, eh?

Blogger miss kendra said...

you are a vast wealth of information.

that jimmy kimmel clip is sad, but pretty indicative of general thought.

Blogger Jessie said...

Good food for thought. But on another note...I SAW YOU ON KNITTY GRITTY TONIGHT!! How cool !! Was it fun? I felt like I was watching someone I knew. How did that come about? Thanks for all of it.

Blogger Susan said...

As usual, you've taken something I've been thinking about and said it better than I ever could. Thanks for all the information and all the love and acceptance you put into each post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote about this recently(maybe nov) as a transdyke about a local womyns spa....

I just don't get it sometime I mean I'm your average rough punk femme (ill admit to even being kinda man hating) dyke that just happens to have been born male, Opps!!

I think the reason that GL people have such issues is that many have built their whole life and identity around the biology that they are sexually attracked to and then trans people come into the picture and not only screw up their identity but screw up their whole world.... I don't know how many times I've heard dykes say that I could have been born male cause they were atracted to me, and I've always had to say I'm a woman and you like women that's why your atrracted to me, despite my biology....

I've had to fight every step of the way as a dyke activist that happens to be trans three years ago I had a group of angry dykes screaming at me at the dyke march and finally I just yelled back that "I have been here since 9 am while you were nursing hangovers, setting up, that I had been helping elderly dykes get to the march while they were downing beers, and helping march and keep marchers safe while they were harassing femmes so I think I damn well belong here, now I'm gonna go f*st my girlfriend and do othe dykey things to her!!"

Okay I better stop I could rant on this forever....

Btw I'm brooklynne, I'm a transdyke dyke activist, burlesque dancer, and drag king(first MtF drag king that I know of)

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