Thursday, April 12, 2007
Logic...or, "Hello? Is this thing on?"
Fascinating article in last week's Los Angeles Times. No really.

Essentially it's about the big abstinence pull-out (he he - I'm 12...).

Anyway, Ohio is pulling out of the State Abstinence Education Program (SAEP) joining Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Montana and New Jersey in refusing funds with abstinence restrictions.

In the article the President of the Abstinence Clearinghouse Network, rebutting this decision says,

"There are kids who don't want to learn how to put on a condom, because they don't want to have sex."

If these are the kinds of arguments they are making, why are the rest of the 44 states still accepting funds from the SAEP?

Here's my equally logic-based rebuttal.

OK, let's say my kid (and this may be why I don't have any) didn't want to learn how to poop in the potty. That is fine. Wear pull-ups for the rest of your life, for all I care. Someday, you might want to poop in the potty. Maybe. I'm not saying you have to, but I would rather have my kid know how to poop in the potty so that when he makes some decision about not shitting in his pants, that he knows what to do when the mood strikes him.

I am not saying he should practice pooping in the potty for when the right potty comes along. Just to clarify.

I'm saying he needs to know how to poop in the potty so he can make the decision to poop where ever and when ever he chooses to.

Also, I know kids. I was one once. If there was something I didn't want to learn (geometry) don't think for one minute that I learned it. I couldn't tell you the difference between an isosceles triangle and a hypotenuse if you gave me a million dollars.

Also, ever heard of OPT OUT you idiots? If a kid doesn't want to take sex ed, they can opt out. No one is forcing these impressionable children (many of which are already experimenting with sex if not doing the full deal) to watch an uncomfortable 45 year old health teacher put a condom on a cucumber. Promise. There is no Clockwork Orange eye clamps in high school.

Man! What a stupid argument!

Things like that get me all riled up so it's no wonder that when I read yesterday that abstinence funds went from

10 million per year in 1997
176 million in 2007,

well, my head just about exploded all over my pretty desk.

As the dems are now in power in congress, there are moves to make more comprehensive sex education the rule rather than the exception. Hoooooowheee.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) believes that schools should gradually shift their focus to more comprehensive programs.

Good idea Frank. And just let all those other kids during that shift get fucked.
Without a condom.

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