Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Lady of Leisure?
Yesterday I had big plans.
Plans to see Wes and Grant and Kristin.
Plans to go to the Small Business Administration.
Plans to go to the bank and finish holiday shopping (I use the term holiday because in fact a)I am shopping for holidays b) I am not just shopping for Christmas or Chanukkah I am shopping for all of them so off my damned back!!!

I did only one of those things and then wished for someone (I am also an atheist so I was pretty bummed at this point) to strike me dead. I got the mother of all migraines. On the freeway.

Let me tell you something. The freeway is no place for a migraine. It is dangerous and I actually found myself wishing that a cop would pull me over. I went looking through my car (at 80 miles an hour on the 134 freeway) for something to throw up in. I thought of pulling over but migraines do not get better without drugs and my drugs were in my nightstand (excellent place for them!). So I drove. I drove like a maniac thinking, as long as I do not pass out behind the wheel of my car, everything will be ok.

It was, ultimately. After 5 hours of brain crushing, cell killing, pain! Woo hoo. So much for leisure.

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