Monday, June 25, 2007
My name is Faith and I'm a blogoholic
It's my bloggiversary today and as such, I would like to thank my blaudience. You have all been just blogtastic. I'd also like to invite all of you blurkers to come out of hiding.

In the last two years I have participated in a blogswarm, posted over 200 times, had readers from every state in the U.S. and almost every continent. I have hosted a carnival and been posted in at least 3 carnivals throughout the blogosphere.

While I haven't yet become a blogebrity, nor do I consider myself blogerati, I've been through a few periods of blogstipation. Thankfully that's all blover now as I seem to be posting blalmost blevery day - not quite to the point of blogorrhea but it has led to a severe period of hitnosis. The blognoscenti will agree, I am over my blogophobia and this blargon post has to end.

This is just to say, I appreciate all of the commentariat out there.


Hat tip to QuickOnlineTips.


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Blogger Margo said...

Congrats Faith!! Your blog is one of my faves.. Thank you so much for your raw honesty.


Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

Commentariat..... you are, indeed, very funny (in an intellectual, erudite, bloggy sort of way!)

Honored to be a part of the commentariat here at So Queer for four months and counting!


Blogger Unknown said...

the blogosphere wants to thank you!
congrats! i love your blogtastic blogologues.

do people have gift registries for their blog-o-versaries? if not, i'm placing my bet that we're on the 'tipping point' of seeing it happen.


Blogger bit said...

I guess I'm blurker. I found you through CrazyAuntPurl's site, and I've really enjoyed reading your (inspiring, funny, smart, happy, sad...) writing. So keep it up!


Blogger Faith said...

Thank you!!! I am so glad to see blurkers!!!

Also, Ms. Em, I love the idea of gift registries for blogiversaries!

Thanks Orangeb. - You're one of my favorite commentarians!

Blogger Sarah said...

happy bloggiversary!

Blogger Arianne said...


Happy Blogiversary!
I love your blog! I just love to read about your life...for insipiration, and hope, and also because you make me feel like I'm not alone, like other people think the kinds of things I think and feel the kinds of things I feel.

/lurks again

Blogger Ana Petrova said...

I love your blog too! Happy Bloggiversary!

Blogger æ said...

so glad I could become a reader just in time for the blogobration.


Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Witty, pithy, charming and real. Happy blog-a-versary, Faith Doll.

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

You're too darn cute.
Happy Blogiversary.

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