Thursday, April 17, 2008
Guess what?
Food poisoning SUCKS!!!!

However, there is so much more fun to talk about .

For instance, you absolutely must check out the vintage condom wrappers at Ethan Persoff. My favorite is the Pousse L'Amour condom. I mean, seriously people, you think they didn't get the joke in the 30's?

They did.
H/T Swissmiss

Also, a new outstandingly fabulous website I have happened upon comes to us from the Planet Fabulon. Where everything is absolutely delicious.

Seriously. Scrumptious.

I want you to find a day where you have nothing better to do. No children to look after, no work to do, no errands to run, no dinner to fix and start the day with a steaming mug of cocoa topped with whipped cream flavored with your liqueur of choice and chocolate shavings, put on your lucite heeled mink slippers and your cashmere robe. Light a single ylang ylang scented candle and go to:

I'm going to get back to work now.


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Blogger Thombeau said...

Ooh, thanks for the fabulous write-up! Hope you're feeling better!


thombeau.. Where has Fabulon gone??
OMGod!! I came home from having a bad day and went to Planet Fabulon. It is GONE..
I am wrecked
Write NatureJockks Blog please and talk. I am concerned about you now.

I will miss you. If you need more donation, write me and let me know please..

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