Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Update n' stuff
Damn it's been a busy week! What with the cetuximab trial being all starting and stuff and the house hunting and the hey!

Our first weekend of house hunting turned out to be really amusing. We started at the house with the enormous load-bearing stripper pole right in the center of the living room (which also happened to be carpeted in burgundy shag) with what we have called a "tragic" fireplace and white leather couches and LaZ boy chairs. Yeesh. This is going to be very amusing blogging material!

The same house had the entire wall of the "bonus room" shelved. Displayed on those shelves - beers of the world. Seriously, if you want a fun weekend, go house shopping.

Then we went to a house that actually had an original livery stable. Could have been cute - actually was literally rotting in front of our eyes. When we went down to the cellar (in L.A.! I know!!!) the agent actually called us brave. Yeesh again!

The third house was just plain tragic. Nothing to write home about at all. Really, after the stripper pole, what else is there?

Anyway, I meant to write about this sometime last week but really, I've been so damned busy - I have to say that while the gas prices are mildly annoying, I actually have a paid off 1995 honda civic that sips gas. BP however has some mighty big balls to start threatening to close down the Alaska pipeline because they haven't done maintenance in a bazillion years.

Anyway, in my continuing proof that I have been to some very interesting places, not to mention newsworthy, this is me, laying and sitting actually on the Alaska pipeline. Hey! Maybe that's why it rotted!
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Blogger Sachi said...

There's a joke in there somewhere...

So how cool was Alaska? I was born there but was too young to remember when we left.

Blogger Sachi said...

Er... "Cool" as in "neato". Not the other kind.

Blogger Annika said...

You are adorable! And I think the house with the stripper pole sounds promising.

Blogger goodmamajama said...

Well, that answers the question: how was the house hunting?


Blogger Susan said...

Other people's homes are strange. Sometimes it's hard to separate the house from what people have in it. We house hunted in a brief moment of hubris a couple of years ago, and there were a couple where it was hard to see the potential under all the ghastliness of stenciling and floral borders.

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

I LOVE the pics of alaska - because somehow it looks like you are conducting the worlds most ineffective and pathetic protest attempt - all lying down on the pipe and waiting to be dragged off it (when the authorities notice you 40-50 days later).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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