Wednesday, March 14, 2007
I remember, a long time ago, when I did not appreciate solitude. I needed something to fill my days and when I was alone, constantly felt as if I was missing out on something. Then there was the challah eating. The, as-long-as-I’m-alone-I-might-as-well-eat-an-entire-challah eating. You know the one...

Today I crave solitude and not for the challah eating. Not that my life is so crazy, or I have kids or a harrowing job, I just sometimes need my alone time. Over the last few years, I have seemed to need more and more of it.

A few years ago, some friends and I went to the Grand Canyon in an RV. I am a huge fan of the RVing (as is Michael) and when we retire we will buy an RV and I will see you on my next time through Los Angeles. I want one of those maps on the back and I want to fly the queer flag high.

Digression much?

Anyway, we went to the Grand Canyon. Now, I like entertaining and so I cooked breakfast and dinner for the 6 of us most of the days we were there and we hiked and explored but I could see that the Grand Canyon was a place for me to find solitude.

A couple of months later I went back alone. What an amazing experience. I stayed in the Bright Angel Cabins for $84 a night. These are little individual cabins with full baths and a bed a desk and chairs. There’s also a TV just in case you need to watch the weather report. Which I am a huge fan of.

I spent 4 days and three nights writing in my journal, knitting, and reading. There is no cell service at the Grand Canyon. There is no internet. There is, however, a shuttle that will take you throughout the entire park for F-R-E-E which runs from before sunrise (because that is one big huge attraction at the Canyon) to after nightfall. I never felt unsafe for a moment and the hiking is stupendous. The Rim Trail (he he) is really easy, wheelchair accessible, paved for much of the way and the parts that aren’t, there is a separate accessible path.

By the way - I took that picture at the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Seriously.

There are also huge parts of the park that you can go to that are virtually tourist free and so unbelievably peaceful.

I have since been back twice. I love that place. I haven’t found anything quite like it where there is just nothing to do, but there is always something to do. Walk, see a lecture, read, look at a slide show, just peer into the canyon.

A few weeks ago, Michael mentioned that if I had lived in another time and hadn’t been Jewish, I would have made a good nun. The solitude and contemplation I get when I’m at the Grand Canyon proves this to be true…if only I wasn’t Jewish and atheist and married.


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Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Christ. That place sounds nice. We stayed in a similar place in Big Sur, only no t.v. I would have *loved* to be there by myself. I've been feeling like that A LOT these days, and I was starting to feel guilty (bad mother? bad wife?), but now I'm not the only one, so I don't as much.

I'm like you. I used to HATE to be alone, even for part of an afternoon. Now? I crave it. I revel in the moments I get to myself. The quiet, the fact that I don't have to tell anyone anything. I don't get enough of those moments, but I cherish what I do get.

That cabin looks spectacular and the shot of the sunrise? Wow!

Blogger WineGrrl said...

Everyone needs quiet time, even if it is just 10 minutes a day.

Blogger Ana said...

I'm packing, I need solitude about now. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Next time take me with you.

Blogger Lisa said...

I went there when I was 14 on a teen tour with J.A.P.S(I'm Jewish, so it's o.k.) from Long Island. I don't remember much about it. Your description made it sound like a great place instead of a tourist trap. Maybe, I should try it again, sometime. The no cell tower thing is definitely a big plus. Hope that's still the case - though it probably isn't.

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

That would be a little TOO much solitude for me, but I am glad that you got what worked for you - I have been there twice and had the same thought both times: "Lota rock" - till I took a geology class and my professor as a masters student had to help his professor prove that one strata of rock on one side of the canyon was the same as on the other side - mostly by hanging down cliffs tracing it while on a rope - then I though, "big rocks that can be pain in the butt geology students" - sorry, that's as profound as it got.

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