Wednesday, January 17, 2007
It's about damn time!!!
OK, I am finally putting in for the final installment of my hair story (which in reality is more about clothing choices in my case since my hair is not nearly as much of a story as Crazy Aunt Purl's). Anyway, here goes...

As if the little Orphan Annie 'do was not enough, here I bring new levels of Jewfro to the world.

(This is at Camp Ramah in Ojai doing some Israeli dance. Believe me, I was not two stepping or doing the hustle.)

Eventually I let that grow out (unlike most of my seriously Jewy family members, I have a choice - most of them need some serious relaxer shit to get their hair to any form of straightness).

Anyway, here was another lovely choice. By the way, I still have this sweater in some box if anyone ever wants to see it in person! Rah, people, RAH!!!!

Also note the generous use of eyeliner. This will become a serious theme in the following photos.......

For instance, this lovely use of Almay liquid jet black....

Please also note the earring hanging to my boobs, the mullet (as if you could have missed that) and the gigantic safety pin. Can anyone say 1985? Anyone? Bueller?

Or 1986?
Oh. My. God! What was I thinking????

Or 1988. Could I possibly look more bored? Or more like a linebacker?
This is my hair story people. It's not pretty, but it's definitely me.


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Blogger Allison said...

We were all victims of fashion. 80s fashion was bad. Damn Seventeen Magazine for leading us astray!

Blogger crazyauntpurl said...

OMG you looked HAWT, you rocked the liquid eyeliner!!! I never got the hang of that... I just did the bad black eyeliner pencil (even on the inside part of my bottom lid, remember that???)

Love the cheer pic!!

Blogger Gwen said...

I LOVE the 1985 picture! It's kind of like Heathers meets Pretty in Pink.

Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

do i want to see the sweater???/

i want to WEAR the sweater.

also, i love your giant safety pin.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

HOLYMUTHAOFGAWD. You made some real *choices* dinnint you?! Holy crap. I wish I could say I wasn't suckered in like you were, but fortunately, I can say that there is no photographic evidence to the contrary.

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Oh shut up, Goils! I think Faith looks G*R*E*A*T in ALL of the photos!!! You're always so well-groomed for the camera.

Isn't it funny that now that your hair is long, it really isn't that frizzy anymore? Love the long curls. You go, Girl with your Baaad Hair-self!

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Oh Faith, Your cheer pic is adorable. I didn't get to keep my sweater from cheerleading. (pooh).

I have to thank my mother once more for NOT allowing me to experiment with my hair. Who knew she was so wise as to see in the future to know that I would regret it.

Blogger Frank said...

Well, I'm a child of the '80s (graduated in '87) so maybe it's me, but it just made me homesick! I loved the '80s!

Rock on!

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