Thursday, December 14, 2006
A co-posting with my other blog
Delaying the inevitable (the final installment of my bad hair), I had to post a little heads up for a posting over at AIDS Combat Zone that I did yesterday.

Two really important studies on circumcision were just halted early in Kenya and Tanzania. Due to a 50% decrease in HIV transmission among heterosexual men who were circumcised as opposed to those who weren't, all men in the study will now have access to circumcision. (if you want to know how that works, ask me and I'll go into it. If no one really cares and you are good enough to just assume that these men were treated ethically, don't ask).

As a person without a penis, I don't have a huge amount of insight and I don't have the right to demand what any person does with their foreskin but the results were so statistically significant in terms of preventing HIV transmission, it's just another part of the debate.

Please check it out.



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Blogger Nikeroo said...

So I guess in future more mothers will be choosing to give their son the snip then?

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