Wednesday, June 13, 2007
You're it!
Remember when we were kids playing the "it" game and if you didn't want to be it you would scream "noddit, noddit, noddit!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Just a weird moment.

Anyway, I've been tagged. I don't think I've ever been tagged before and I'm apparently far too lazy to go back and look. Suffice it to say, I don't remember getting tagged, but this morning I was tagged by Ms. Em. The tag - 7 things that you probably don't know about me. These are not particularly profound but they are integral so, here goes:
  1. I was born on my great grandmothers 70th birthday. Her name was Isobel and she would send my mother articles on child abuse because my mom wouldn’t let us have any sugar. Oddly enough, now the first thing my mother does when a new baby comes into the family is try to feed it whipped cream or ice cream.
  2. My name was supposed to be Manon but my grandmother threatened my mother and so she changed my name. Manon is my middle name but actually, part of me wishes it had been my first name.
  3. I went into anaphylactic shock one Passover when I was 9 or 10 and when I was asked what I wanted to eat after I woke up from the coma my dad told me my choice wasn’t kosher for Passover and I should choose something else. I chose an orange soda.
  4. My great aunt was a contortionist and I can still (at age 36!) get my legs behind my neck (but apparently I can’t do a cartwheel anymore – and I have a huge bruise to prove it because on a total whim, I tried it on Monday. Yeesh. I think I may need to increase my strength training.)
  5. I love listening to the Beastie Boys. I know they’re sexist and they can’t sing but damn they are having fun. And they’re all such nice Jewish boys. Their music reminds me of every good time I had in high school. The fact is, at heart, I’m a real headbanger. Ask my husband. He shakes his head in shame as I swing my hair to the likes of Ratt and AC/DC.
  6. The thought of going back to school scares the ever lovin’ crap out of me (both financially and mentally) and yet, I don’t think I’ll be content until I do it.
  7. Before I became what I am today (whatever that is) I wanted to be an artist, a marine biologist and a rabbi. Unfortunately, I made these decisions before I learned that I would have to have artistic talent, math skills and belief, so, needless to say, none of those things worked out.

OK - there it is - comment at will. Now, I tag Allison and Frank!



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Blogger Frank said...

Damn! When I read "Frank" I thought, "Cool, there's another Frank out there blogging"... But the darned link is mine... sigh...

Blogger Unknown said...

I had a similar reaction when Sarah tagged me:) Suddenly the grade school nightmare of not being picked to be on someone's kick ball team came streaming right on in to my consciousness. And, I thought...'woo-hoo'
...'score'...'i made the team!'

I laughed out loud from the beginning to the end of your wonderful list. Knowing you are brilliant and loving your sense of humor, I was excited to see what little gems you'd afford us all. As a MOT (aka member of the tribe), I found the Passover saga utterly hysterical. (I am sorry that the event that preceded the funny moment was not so funny...)

I no longer fast for Yom Kippur. I think I've sufficiently paid my dues on that one:)

Much love,
ms. em

Blogger Unknown said...

p.s. #6...oh how i hear ya on that one!

Blogger Uccellina said...

I wanted to be a marine biologist too! Before that, I wanted to be a ballerina and a mud wrestler. Simultaneously.

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I'm totally picturing you doing the hair thing with a little "Round and Round" playing full blast.

Psst...I had a little crush on Mike D.

Blogger dale-harriet said...

I don't think I've ever commented here before (I might've; I'm for me). But I am SO adoring you. I pretend to be CAP's bubbeh, can I be yours too? I like the Passover story too - mine was a "model Seder" at the shul when I was about 7. We had to sit there with our plate of food in front of us while we got every detail of the desert trip {yaaawn} but I heard someone say "mashed potatoes". So when my big sister finally leaned over and said "OK, you can eat"...I took a HUGE forkful. You guessed it: horseradish. I'm 64 now, my sister's 70. She still remembers that. {ouch}

Blogger Orangeblossoms said...

You're related to a contortionist!? That's really, really cool. I yoga-ed this morning whilst lamenting that I am not a contortionist nor am I related to one. Sigh.

Lucky duck.

Blogger Faith said...

Ms. Em - I believe you have paid your more fasting!

Ucc - I think you should be a ballerina mudwrestler - tutu and all

Laurie - you know I can swing some hair...

Dale-Harriet - you betcha. I can use a pretend bubbe as much as the next girl!

Orangeblossoms - yeah - I do get looks in yoga. I have no problem getting my knees to the ground doing the butterfly pose. That's just where they fall to. It's a pretty great advantage to have.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I'm not a contortionist, but I am pretty flexible (physically). Which makes for a LOT of amusement at dive bars, doing Stupid Human Tricks.

Oh, and re: the meme - NODDITT!!!!

Blogger myamimosa said...

soooooo - earlier i was trying to explain to my younger sister how to use tampons and i decided to mess with her by posting a picture of carrie (the movie) having a meltdown after starting her period. i went on to google image and typed in 'carrie tampons' and a few pages of images came up and one of the pictures had you in it.

btw - this is maricela. you most likely won't remember me but i worked at apla with you 12 years ago. (i was 18). i'm sure you can imagine how random it was to see that so i HAD TO send you a little message regarding it.

anyhow - hope all is well!

take care!

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