Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Tuesday Tzedakah
I hate asking for money. It is one of the reasons I could never work in fundraising. It is this thing that makes me curl up inside and cringe.

HOWEVER. I can fully support an auction for the National Eating Disorders Association. There is a bunch of cool stuff is up for auction. Two fold fun! First, you get to support an incredibly worthy cause. Second, you get to buy holiday gifts (or something lovely for yourself!). There's a Beverly Hills mani/pedi going for 17 bucks right now. You'd pay more at Happy Pretty Beauty Nails on Pico.

Go check out the auction. Totally worth it.

Hat tip to H4H.

*Tzedakah = charity
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Blogger Allison said...

Major kudos to them on the fact that they're NOT using eBay as their auction platform. No reason for those greedy bastards to make a dime off charity auctions.

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