Wednesday, August 30, 2006
I'm finally updating - I know, it's been weeks. I have a lot to do at work right now, I am working on baby stuff for the niephew and I've got a gross of chocolate cookies to make! I'm crazy with the busy.

Michael's going out of town on Friday (camping with the boyz) and I have big plans for the time he's away. Primarily, purge! Now, in the past, that would involve sugar, starch items and other stuff that I'm not currently indulging in. So no actual throwing up...I know you wanted to hear that...

No. This purging is for stuff.

If I am going to move to a new place, I want to start off clean. I'm not saying I'm getting rid of everything, that would just be stupid and wasteful but I like the idea of having less than I need. I like the idea of FINALLY owning things I love rather than things that suffice.

For instance, the desk is staying behind. So is the dresser and the nightstand. I'm putting everything on Craigslist and people will come and pick up all of my stuff. If that means living out of boxes until I get a desk I love, so be it. I only have a few exceptions to my purge.

1) The Marthas. I just can't part with my Martha Stewart Livings. I actually do use them frequently and I really love having the reference.

2) My fabric stash. I love most of my fabric. Anything I don't love, definitely goes.

3) My yarn stash. I will be getting rid of some of it but overall...I can't seem to part with the yarn.

4) My books. I have pared down my books over the years. I no longer own any textbooks from college. I got rid of all of the coming out genre and donated them to a highschool library in Victorville that actually asked for GLBT themed books (!). I have gotten rid of all non-essential cookbooks that I will never in a million years use. The rest, for the most part are here to stay. I love my books.

These are the things that I'm not parting with. Otherwise, hear me now, you are possibly toast. Although, toast is not easy to throw up. Just sayin'.
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Blogger miss kendra said...

yay! i love downsizing.

that said, i will gladly peek at any yarns and fabrics that don't make the cut.

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

I am in yardsale envy - every weekend all along our nice road with gigantic green spaces are people having yard sales - we want to have a yard sale - except that we don't have anything extra since we moved 6 months ago. We are so easily influenced by peer pressure!

Though here there is a tradition that any furniture or books you don't want at the end of the day you just leave on the green space - we are 3 dresser drawers, two end tables, a bookcase and threee chairs ahead!

Good luck on your downsizing - nothing is better than hauling boxes of stuff away and then going; "Aren't I suppose to have more room now?"

Blogger tk said...

1. good luck on the downsizing
2. Victorville wants GLBT books????
3. I'm with Miss Kendra on helping you thin out your fabrics and yarns

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Pizza and/or spaghetti are the worst things to throw up. I think it has to do with the acidity.

That being said, I need to rid myself of college books, including the college books of my baby bro, that I *thought* I'd read, but never have.

I love my books, too.

Blogger Ellen Bloom said...'s just too difficult to give up yarn and fabric. I hear you! Best of luck.

Blogger WineGrrl said...

I hate culling. I despise throwing away anything...yes, I am a future 6 o'Clock News Item.

Blogger Uccellina said...

I'm just happy you updated. Are you purging your tea set, by any chance?

Blogger Susan said...

Right on, right on!

I'm about to start the same project. We're not moving yet- in fact, I don't forsee moving for at least 6 months- but I feel the urge to get rid of stuff. I love it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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