Tuesday, May 02, 2006
The invisible woman
This is a concept that I have long pondered. Ultimately, I think we all feel a little bit invisible. You've seen that person. She is wearing too much jewelry. He is playing his music so loud that you are slowly going deaf in the next apartment. She can't stop talking about how fat she is. They might be a little annoying but if you look very closely they are saying:

"Please notice me. I'm terribly lonely and I don't know how to get attention in a socially acceptable way."

I sometimes think that if only people knew the real me...then what? What am I?

I found a blog today where the author, who is obviously a talented professor at Pasadena Community College, listed a bunch of his descriptive labels on his heading and I thought, I should let people know who I am like that!

On the other hand, I like keeping secrets. It's a problem of mine. It's not particularly conducive to blogging - especially if one undertakes blogging as an exercise in honesty after far too many years of keeping it all in. It feels so much safer to keep secrets somehow. Then I won't get caught. As we are still in the year of the No Shame Adventure (NSA - see blog entry August 9, 2005) here's me - at least as far as I'm willing to let it go on May 2, 2006. Perhaps there will be more later.

Faith: An ethical atheist Jewish democrat realist who who loves her gay husband and loves riding on the back of his motorcycle with the wind in her hair. An HIV research administrator and ENTJ Capricorn who crochets and sometimes knits (poorly) and loves hats. A lesbian migraine sufferer who believes that littering is a sign of the figurative apocalypse. A fire-eating chick with a barely passable sense of humor and a knack for being right and a desperate need to be heard. A rape survivor who loves to make things with her hands, who has reddish hair (that is only mine because I bought it that way) lived in the Middle East and taken a shower with a camel. A grateful tattooed sister of a wonderful little sister, who is going to be a wonderful mother.

I think that's enough for today.

What about you?


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Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

nerd, rape/incest survivor, emotional and physical abuse survivor, abandoned daughter, forgotten sister, chosen daughter, chosen sister, jewish, un-religious, dorky, loud, sometimes offensive, tall, dark haired, pale, tattooed, angry, shy, sad, funny, ashamed, crafter, writer, reader, blogger, lover of red heads, constant wisher, foodie, irish, russian, potential addict and drunk, crazy, afraid, depressive, good friend, reliable, truthful, insightful, has ridden a stone camel.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loving daughter, loving sister
Love of Life. good friend, reliable, great sense of humor.
I owe everything to my Mom and Dad. The best you can be always comes from your parents. They love you no matter what. Only wish my Dad was still here.

Blogger starrypurplehaze said...

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Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese, English, American Indian etc.. with identity crisis, (ya think) single (spinster), fear of abandonment, shy, goofy, creative, anxious, powerful singer (fear of success), writer, cares for all critters and environment, (recycles everything) dreamer, afraid, depressed, best friend, witty, problem solver (others!) inquisitive, introspective, sad, dotty. Once in 80's had camel toe....LOL

Blogger Lori said...

Darcy said camel toe!! I nearly spit out my drink! Faith, I love just as you are. I like my women complicated and contradicting.

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