Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie SUCK redux
I tried and tried. I love these two stores and yet ever since CEO Richard Hayne donated to Rick (gays = bestiality and pedophilia) Santorum, I can't shop there. Won't.

But honestly, I haven't convinced many people to follow. Despite them ripping off designs from indie designers.

Now, can I have your attention.

Urban Outfitters, home of Jesus is My Homeboy and Reefer Madness t-shirts has stopped selling the I Support Same Sex Marriage t-shirt. Hmmm. So, I guess to them, pot is cool but support for two guys or girls getting married is an unacceptable message.

So I ask you, once again, no matter how cute something is, could you please, please stop shopping at these stores?


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Blogger snobographer said...

Gladly. Last I checked, all those stores sell is overpriced pseudo-vintage junk and "ironic" t-shirts anyway.

Blogger Kath said...

I've never had difficulty boycotting a particular business if they were engaged in practices that I found to be offensive/unfair. There is no item of clothing/food/whatever that I would ever desire that is worth giving up principles. Happy to support this.

I love Anthropologie and my kids love Urban Outfitters. Alas. Still, it's important - more important than another teacup, great sweater or vintage looking butter dish. We stopped shopping there recently for this reason.

Really sucks though. Why do people have to suck?

Blogger Allison said...

Haven't bought anything at either place since you enlightened me on the Santorum bit. Urban's clothes are so ugly and such crap quality these days anyway. I like to go into Anthropologie for crafty inspiration, but well, we all know where it comes from, right?

The odd thing about Dick Hayne is that he was married to Judy Wicks, owner of the White Dog Cafe and Black Cat gift shop, who is a known humanitarian in Philly. No wonder it didn't work out. Coincidentally, I worked at both Urban Outfitters and the Black Cat for several years in college. Weird.

Blogger Uccellina said...

I haven't shopped at either place since you told me about this. And I swear it's for moral reasons and not just because I can't afford to buy anything.

Blogger Unknown said...

I don't shop at either of those places. But a year or so ago, I was in Macy's and I saw at least 3 ripoffs of poplar knitting patterns. The Sunrise Circle Jacket was one of them.

I know you can't copyright a knitwear design, but only the pattern as written, but come on.

Blogger AmberSwan said...

No amount of adorable tea sets or funny books is worth the rights of my friends. I shall not darken their doors again. Not even if they're having a sale. So there.

Blogger Tami said...

please update. i'm tired of checking out your blog and finding no update. i tune into you daily. please, for the love of xenu, update!!!!!!

Blogger dale-harriet said...

We just got an Anthropologie, and I have one outfit from Urban Outfitters (bought something over 20 yrs ago); I'm a 65-year-old Jewish-Pagan hippie and dress my own way, which doesn't include those shops. HOWEVER! I mean to publicize this however I can. I'm very upset about the whole Same Sex Marriage deal in California. Here in Wisconsin, we don't have same-sex marriage either, but here in Madison partners do have benefits &c. I'll squelch the RANT I feel coming on; suffice it to say, my word-of-mouthness is going to be very unfavorable in the direction of both of those establishments.

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