Sunday, September 04, 2005
Have you made a plan?
I am horrified.

Our president said, and I quote, "I can't tell you how devastating the sights were." What he saw was from the window of Air Farce One. While flying. High above the city. The rest of his speech was about energy reserves, gas prices and not buying gas this week if you don't need to. Thanks.

CNNs Anderson Cooper and Jeanne Meserve are crying - live on air.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina (don't I sound like Paula Zahn?) Michael and I have made a disaster plan. Here it is. We meet at our home, or whatever is left of it. We pack:
  1. my laptop
  2. a flashlight
  3. batteries
  4. bleach
  5. any liquor that will fit in the saddlebags
  6. bottled water and granola bars
  7. my digital camera
  8. hand sanitizer
  9. back up disk for Metro
  10. my PDA
  11. all of our many, many, many prescriptions
  12. a small blanket
  13. one or two sentimental items
We get on the motorcycle and head the hell out of here. We're either heading to Michael's godmother's house in Vegas or the Anderson's house Tahoe if neither of those places are available for some reason, we go whereever we can that is safe. We'll plan to check in with Drew in New York as an out of town contact.

Make a list. Talk to your best friend, partner, spouse, parents and children. Plan now so we never fear ending up outside of Staples Center waiting for W to send help.

In better news, people are finally being nice to each other. They are opening up their homes and their wallets. If you haven't donated yet, Habitat for Humanity is going to be leading the rebuilding effort throughout the affected areas. That's where my cash is going.

I love you all.
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J and I already started making plans and re-doing our earthquake/disaster kit. We set up 5 backpacks in a rubbermaid bin on our porch. 1 backpack for each human (that includes a 2 day supply of drinking water, change of underwear, clean dry socks, and things like power bars, those foil pouches of tuna, peanut butter, crackers, etc. in addition to all the other survivaly things and medications and on and on and on....) and a backpack for the animals with water and food for them, plus an extra leash.

There's one backpack in each of the cars for both humans and animals (mini survival kit in case we're away from home) and we're working on a disaster plan that includes maps with routes outside of town highlighted (including surface streets) contact numbers and a plan of where we'll go and how to get there, etc.

This family is NOT going to depend on FEMA or the feds for jack, when the shit hits the fan.

One of my closest friends is down there and we don't know if she's dead or alive. Lotta hoping is going on over here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is any silver lining in this disaster, it think its the fact that it's got a lot more of us thinking about preparedness. It's easy to ignore and fake youself into thinking "that'll never happen," but shit DOES happen. I finally came to the realization that if there is a disaster - natural or man-made - that we are all on our own. Period. To that end, no more procrastinating. We have to develop a family disaster plan. Gotta get the family together and make sure we have a disaster plan in place, out of state contacts, and put a survival kit together for the house and for the car.

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