Monday, September 12, 2005
A little update

Hi. Sorry about the absence everyone. What with the car going boom, the Gulf Coast being flooded and other random catastrophies, I've been out of touch.

Not much has been going on except a lot of ranting about FEMA and planning our escape from L.A. when the big one hits and the shit goes down. We're going to do a run-through of our plan so were not lame like Brownie.

By the way, this morning Bush spoke of the "dewatering" of New Orleans. I was going to rant on that "dewatering" is not a word, but, OK, dewatering is a word, but could he not have said something like "after all of the water is pumped out of New Orleans..." ?

I've been knitting a lot - and crocheting. I bought some yarn at the A Mano sale - despite having a moratorium on buying yarn - and I've used up all but about 10% of it already! I've made some very cute - Vogue-esque little items that I am looking forward to unveiling on this here blog in the coming weeks.

I also started my class at Otis College of Art and Design this Saturday, Intro to Apparel Construction. The instructor seems super nice. I am not the oldest in the class but I am by no means the youngest. In fact, I realized that I could be the mother of at least 4 of the girls in the class, all of whom are currently in high school. Yikes.

I felt like I was starting high school all over again. I had to find my classroom, check in at the front desk...I actually had to answer when my name was called for roll!!!! It's been about a billion years since that happened.

I'm also in the middle when it comes to experience. One of the girls asked if reversing the machine would unstitch what you had just done. Not that I'm feeling any schadenfreude - but I feel a little less nervous now. And, BTW, brave of her to ask!

Therapy has been really intense lately. Huge kudos to my fabulous therapists for getting me through it. Let's just leave it there. K?

have a brilliant day!
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