Sunday, September 03, 2006
house hunting for fun
My sister and I went house hunting, just a little bit today. Just to take a break and see what we could see.

I have 4 words for you.

Day-Glo teal green carpeting.

Throughout an entire two story house!!! Yikes. Same house, jacuzzi in the bedroom. Ewww.

Another house, kitchen on the second floor. WTF!? I am moving into a house so that I don't have to drag my groceries up a flight of stairs. It was really freaky.

Another house we saw might just be the house. It was so great. I absolutely loved it. And, it's a total fixer so I don't have to worry about OPBT (other people's bad taste). Total grandma house, wood paneling, formica, hi/lo sculptured shag carpeting!!! Brilliant! The bones, though, were completely stunning. If we buy it, party at my place. BYO Hammer.


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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

The house sounds faboo! How 'bout posting that breakfast quiche-like recipe!?! It was faboo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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