Friday, September 02, 2005
Car go boom
So here's my first day of September.

I get a call around 1 p.m. from my driver. I can't quite make out what he's saying. I hear "fire" and "explosion".

I calmly say, "S. what is going on?"

He is hyperventilating. He says "the car, it's on fire. Where the fuck is the fire department?"

I ask, "have you called 911?" He answers in the affirmative. I hear crackling but I think it is the phone. I can't believe what he is telling me. I tell Michael to go to the car. Go go go, now.

Michael gets on his motorcycle and races down to the car. He calls me. The fire department has just pulled away. Michael says that there is no way to describe it. He says that the worst vision I could have of the's worse than that.

There is no more car. There are no more seats, there is no more steering column, no steering wheel, no dashboard, no windows, no paint - just the metal frame of a limousine.

Thankfully, everyone is fine. Our driver is a hero. He's amazing. The fire department are heroes.

We're getting a new limo, we're dealing with the insurance, which we have plenty of and we're continuing on.

Frankly, I'm in a little bit of shock. Five year old cars are not supposed to BURST into flames. Michael is a complete stud and dealing with all of the insurance issues. He's the man.

Shit howdy.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry about the limo, Faith. Thank goodness for insurance!

I'll bet your totalled limo didn't have crocheted headrest covers, huh? Better make some for the new car. They're a good luck charm. Need some orange and yellow variegated yarn?

Blogger Allison said...

Just to reiterate our convo - I'm so sorry to hear about this and very glad no one was hurt. Very, very scary.

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